Stockphotos Upscaler Review: Smooth Way to Exquisite Images (2023)

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Stockphotos Review

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Stockphotos image upscaler is a free online tool that can upscale and enhance images with smart AI.

It can increase the resolution of your images up to 8x and improve the details, smoothness and contrast of your photos with just one click.

Stockphotos image upscaler also offers a background remover tool that can remove unwanted backgrounds from your images with one-click magic.

Stockphotos image upscaler supports JPG, PNG, WEBP and BMP files, and you can upscale 3 images up to 2000 x 2000 pixels for free.

Stockphotos image upscaler is a user-friendly and convenient tool for improving the quality of your images.

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  • Sharpen and restore photos.

  • First-time users get three complimentary upscales of the software’s free version.

  • Features four enhancement modes: Balanced, Ironed, FacePro, and DetailPro – so you’ll find exactly what works best for each photo.

  • Free background remover is perfect for isolating image subjects.

  • A one-time payment model allows you to pay as needed, rather than a subscription service.

  • Free background remover is perfect for isolating image subjects.


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StockPhoto’s Upscaler is designed to suit any budget and workflow.

The free plan offers three complimentary upscales, while the Standard and Premium plans offer 20 or 100 respectively, along with additional bonus upscales for each package.

All of these paid options have a one-time purchase cost so that you can buy as many upgrades as your project demands.

My Personal Experience With StockPhotos Upscaler

Overall, I loved StockPhoto’s Image upscaler.

It is surprisingly easy to use, though I did have several instances of an “extended” wait time past the normal 30 seconds.

This was no problem for me though because it never took more than 2 minutes and I just kept myself busy with other business tasks while waiting.

One thing that did annoy me was this pay-as-you-go option, which can add up very quickly if you happen to have many photos you want to enhance.

Not to mention every time you make an adjustment, that counts as an upscale as well.

Want to try the ironed out enhancement?

That’s an upscale charge.

Hey, the FacePro feature looks really cool, I’m going to try that on 4x with higher resolution now.

Upscale charge.

Hm, maybe I’ll go with ai models of 8x, I really want it bigger..


It adds up real quick.

But as far as the actual results, I have to say I’m perfectly satisfied.

The main photo I used was blurred and in low resolution.

The resulting upscale images were the most realistic of all the programs I have tried on this list.

It made her multi-colored, ever-changing, hazely green and gold eyes pop (like they do in real life).

And I am perfectly happy with the result.

StockPhotos upscaler foxxy 8x facepro

Bottom Line

For overall ease of use, somewhat comparitively cheap pricing and quality image upscaling, I love StockPhotos upscaler.

Other tools on this list may be able to do more but for my purposes this tool gets the job done perfectly.

StockPhotos Upscaler is a good choice for hobbyist photo editors who can’t commit to a subscription plan.

I am not a professional photographer, influencer, graphic designer, filmmaker, etc.

I just do not need all the extras and I’m not really into all the filters, screens, and miscellaneous modifications that other image upscalers have (*cough* Adobe).

It gets to the point sometimes that the resulting image (though nice looking) is nothing like reality.

Besides, it leads to unnecessary bloat on a computer if you have too many unneeded heavy duty programs.

My results were pretty much perfect and were fine.

I could describe the outcomes as a fine specimen of fine.


And for the average person I think this tool will do well without breaking the bank (or your computer).

Its payment model allows you to make use of its free trial, and then take advantage of it as needed without being tied down by monthly payments.

But buyer beware: those upscale charges add up really fast.



Is there a free AI upscaler?

Yes, there are some free AI upscalers available online, such as Let’s Enhance, Deep Image, and Bigjpg.

However, they may have limitations on the number, size, and quality of the images you can process.

They may also require you to sign up or share your email address to use their services.

You may also encounter privacy and security issues when uploading your images to their servers.

Which upscaler is best?

This question is subjective and depends on your preferences and needs.

However, some factors that you may consider when choosing an upscaler include the quality, speed, cost, ease of use, and features of the service or software.

You may also want to compare different upscalers by using online tools like Image Upscaler Comparison or AI Image Enlarger Comparison.

You may also want to read reviews and testimonials from other users or experts.

Some of the popular upscalers include Stockphotos Upscaler, VanceAI Image Enhancer, Topaz Gigapixel AI, Remini, and Waifu2x.

Does upscaling improve picture quality?

It can improve picture quality by reducing pixelation, noise, blur, and artifacts.

It can also enhance details, sharpness, contrast, and color.

However, upscaling cannot create new information that is not present in the original image.

It can only estimate what should be in the image based on existing data and algorithms.

Therefore, upscaling cannot fix severely damaged or corrupted images.

Is image upscaler safe?

Image upscaler is a term that refers to any software or service that uses AI technology to enlarge and enhance low-resolution images.

Some image upscalers may have strong privacy and security policies that protect your data and images from unauthorized access or misuse.

Others may have weak or unclear policies that expose your data and images to potential risks or threats.

You should always read the terms of service and privacy policy of any image upscaler before using it.

You should also avoid uploading sensitive or personal images to any image upscaler that you do not trust.

What can I use instead of image upscaler?

There are some alternatives to image upscaler that you can use to improve your image quality.

For example, you can use photo editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP to manually adjust the resolution, brightness, contrast, color, and other parameters of your image.

You can also use online tools such as Fotor or BeFunky to apply filters, effects, stickers, frames, and other enhancements to your image.

You can also use professional services such as FixThePhoto or RetouchMe to hire experts to edit your image for you.

Can you upscale an image without losing quality?

Yes, you can upscale an image without losing quality by using AI technology.

AI technology can analyze the content and context of your image and generate realistic-looking pixels that fill in the gaps between the original pixels.

This way, you can increase the resolution of your image without introducing noise, blur, or artifacts.

However, AI technology is not perfect and may make mistakes or produce unnatural results in some cases.

Therefore, you should always check the output of any AI upscaler before using it.