Video 2x Review: The Powerful AI Image Upscaler that Works Wonders

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Video 2x Review

Video2X can achieve lossless quality enhancement and preserve the details and textures of the original image.

Video2X is an open source software that can be downloaded for Windows or used on Google Colab for free.

Video2X also provides a container image for easy deployment on Linux and macOS.

Video2X is a powerful tool for improving the visual quality of your media files.


  • It costs nothing because it is free and open-source.
  • With a vast array of compatible formats for upscaling your videos, you’ll find that it’s effortless regardless what format they are originally in.

  • The advanced algorithms of this program enhance the quality of any video, from its resolution to sharpness and even color.



With Video 2X, you don’t have to pay a cent – it’s completely free and open source.

Bottom Line

For those with a technical background, Video 2X allows you to enhance your average video into high quality video without spending a dime.

It may not be the best choice for novices due to its complexity; however, if you have some programming know-how, give it a go and observe how effortless it is to upgrade your video’s picture sharpness instantly.



What is video 2x anyway?

Video2x is a Python-based software that can improve the resolution and frame rate of your videos, GIFs, and images without any loss of quality.

It uses advanced algorithms to achieve this and provides various options for upscaling.

It supports algorithms such as waifu2x, Anime4K, SRMD, RealSR, and RealCUGAN.

You can use Video2x on Windows, Linux, macOS, or Google Colab.

How do I use video2x on Windows?

To use video2x on Windows, you need to download the latest release from GitHub or SourceForge.

You can choose between the full version or the light version.

The full version includes all the dependencies and drivers, while the light version requires you to install them separately.

After downloading and extracting the zip file, you can run video2x_gui.exe to launch the graphical user interface (GUI) or video2x.exe to run the command-line interface (CLI).

You can then configure the settings and start the upscaling process.

Can you upscale video quality?

Yes, you can upscale video quality by using AI technology.

AI technology can analyze the content and context of your video and generate realistic-looking pixels that fill in the gaps between the original pixels.

This way, you can increase the resolution of your video without introducing noise, blur, or artifacts.

However, AI technology is not perfect and may make mistakes or produce unnatural results in some cases.

Therefore, you should always check the output of any AI upscaler before using it.

How do I upscale a 4k video?

To upscale a 4k video, you need to use an AI upscaler that supports 4k resolution or higher.

For example, you can use Video2x with waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan driver and set the upscale ratio to 2x or higher.

This will increase the resolution of your 4k video to 8k or higher.

However, this may take a long time and consume a lot of resources depending on your hardware and settings.

You may also need a powerful device to play the upscaled video smoothly.

How do you make a video 2x?

This question is ambiguous and could mean different things.

If you mean how to make a video twice as long, you can use video editing software such as Premiere Pro or Filmora to duplicate or extend your video clips.

If you mean how to make a video twice as fast, you can use video editing software or a media player such as VLC or YouTube to change the playback speed of your video.

If you mean how to make a video twice as large, you can use an AI upscaler such as Video2x to increase the resolution of your video.