7 Best AI Writers of 2023 (Many are Free)

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Achieving the highest quality written content requires selecting a dependable AI writing software. Whether you need captivating headlines or extended-form articles, the top AI writing tools can help. In this guide, we have carefully reviewed and rated the best 7 so that you can make an informed decision about which is best for your needs.

Best overall


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Jasper is a revolutionary AI writing tool that can turn your words into an impressive, one-of-a kind masterpiece.
Best for scaling

Content At Scale

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If you’re looking to create content at scale, ContentAtScale is the perfect AI writing platform


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Surfer SEO is the go-to tool for SEOs looking to precisely measure word count and pinpoint keywords.

We’re covering the seven best AI writing tools to help you create more content and make more money online.

Here we cover the 7 best AI content writing tools that we have personally used and break down why they’re so good.

You’ll learn about how to use them to improve your grammar, tone, and spelling.

You’ll also learn how to use AI content writing tools to create content quicker than ever and even avoid AI detection so you don’t get penalized in the search rankings.

What Are The Best AI Content Writing Tools?

Here is the God tier ordered list for the best AI content writing tools for 2023.

1. Jasper AI

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Writing engaging content just got a lot easier with Jasper AI – your intelligent assistant that does the hard work for you.

Whatever kind of written material you need – from tweets to blog posts and beyond – it takes a fraction of time thanks to proprietary AI models.

It’s like having an extra pair of hands on deck, ready anytime; all you have to do is tell ’em what they gotta do and let them handle it.


  • Jasper AI is a user-friendly tool for creating engaging content quickly and easily.
  • Its advanced proprietary AI models enable high-quality writing with an ethical and friendly approach.
  • It follows instructions from the user without questions and produces fresh ideas for content that stands out.
  • No matter the task or length of content required, Jasper provides professional quality writing in no time.
  • Jasper AI sometimes has some very unique takes on matters. It helps you brainstorm new ideas you might not have otherwise thought of.


Monthly Pricing
Jasper Monthly Pricing
Yearly Pricing
Jasper Yearly Pricing

There are 3 pricing tiers for Jasper:

  1. Creator for freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who are ready to apply Generative AI to automate their daily work in their personalized Brand Voice.
    The Creator tier is $49/mo billed monthly or $39/mo billed yearly.
  2. Teams for small marketing teams who need to generate, create, and repurpose content for multiple campaigns for business outcomes. The Teams tier is $125/mo billed monthly or $99/mo billed yearly.
  3. Business for departments and organizations who need a secure, scalable, and customizable AI platform that meets technical needs and aligns your team. For pricing on the Business tier, contact the Jasper sales department.


For those seeking profesionally crafted writing with minimal effort, Jasper AI is perfect.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, teachers, students and social media managers alike can benefit from its ability to generate captivating content swiftly – liberating you of the tedious task of manual writing without compromising quality.

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT HomepageJPEG


ChatGPT is the ideal answer for anyone searching for maximum returns from their content creation projects.

This AI-powered writing assistant features cutting-edge natural language processing technology, a conversational user experience, dependable clarity and accuracy in writing.

It also includes total syntax analysis that ensures grammar correctness, as well as advanced characteristics such as topic clustering to create more focused material—all of which makes creating new content easier than ever before.


  • ChatGPT’s natural language processing technology enables users to generate content quickly and accurately.
  • With ChatGPT, you can easily craft content with a remarkable conversational user experience.
  • Powerful AI models guarantee reliable precision and lucidity when writing.
  • A thorough syntax analysis guarantees that all written documents meet the standards of grammatical accuracy.
  • Utilizing advanced capabilities like topic clustering, users can develop content that is more relevant and meaningful.


ChatGPT PricingJPEG

Currently, ChatGPT is available at no cost to everyone.

To access the premium version of this platform (ChatGPT Plus), you typically must join a waitlist and pay $20 per month.

Nevertheless, if you spot an “Upgrade to Plus” option in the lower portion of ChatGPT’s web interface left menu, it is possible that you can bypass joining the waiting list.


ChatGPT is an innovative AI tool designed to maximize the productivity of academics, entrepreneurs, coders and beyond.

This revolutionary platform unlocks a plethora of helpful features – from answering queries to storing data across devices – allowing you to explore ideas more deeply than ever before.

Even better?

ChatGPT can even write your special someone a wedding proposal if requested.

With Reuters reporting that Microsoft will soon be expanding access for everyone, embracing this advanced technology today positions its users ahead of the future curve.

3. Content at Scale

contentAtScale HomepageJPEG


Content at Scale is a groundbreaking AI writing platform that can offer you rapid and efficient long-form content production.

With the kind of high quality, lengthy text it produces – perfect for blog posts, articles or even eBooks – you’ll be able to finish tasks quickly yet still achieve great results.

Plus, because we are currently in the beta testing stage there will be more functions added as well as continuous enhancements made soon.


  • Automated content creation tool that eliminates the tedious tasks of crafting SEO-friendly content.
  • Using its intelligent AI capabilities to analyze data from Google and other top sites, Content at Scale will generate optimized titles, meta descriptions, headings, and URL slugs that are sure to rank higher in search engine results pages. This type of software is currently revolutionizing content workflows..
  • Greater convenience for human writers who want to quickly create long-form content without having to worry about plagiarism.
  • More time for creativity and important tasks with their projects.


Content At Scale PricingJPEG

Whether you’re a freelance writer or just getting started, Content At Scale has three distinct plans to suit your needs.

The Basic plan offers 20 posts for only $500 per month – an excellent value.

As you step up the pricing tier, the cost-per-article decreases significantly making it easier and more affordable than ever to create high quality content.

With all these benefits in one package, this might be the perfect solution for any budding author looking to generate tremendous amounts of content quickly and affordably.

For content in larger volumes and a bigger budget, the mid-tier plan offers 50 posts per month for $1000.

If your organization requires an even higher scale of content production at more economical prices, then the premium package is the perfect choice with 100 posts monthly offered at $1500.

Don’t be dismayed by this price tag – you will most likely get greater value than what you invest.

Content at Scale guarantees superb quality and accuracy no matter which service tier you choose.


If you’re looking for an efficient way to create high-quality content in bulk, look no further than Content At Scale AI.

This user-friendly artificial intelligence writing tool utilizes the latest GPT3 technology to generate accurate and engaging pieces that meet your requirements with just a few clicks of a button.

Whether it’s for large organizations or individual needs, Content at Scale is sure to provide outstanding results every time.


originality HomepageJPEG


Originality.AI is the perfect content solution for serious web publishers and those who take their writing seriously.

This tool features a suite of team management, full site scanning, auto-billing and plagiarism detection tools so you can manage multiple websites at once with ease.

You’ll have access to an advanced AI Writing Detection algorithm that quickly identifies copied or plagiarized work in addition to being able to add unlimited team members – all for only pennies per word.


  • Their API allows you to easily use the tool quickly in your own environment.
  • The API keeps you up to date with changes.
  • You can scan any website for possible plagiarism.
  • You can manage multiple websites using their features and they make it pretty easy to do.


The cost for using Originality.AI is 1 cent per credit.

1 credit scans 100 words.

So a 1000 word document would cost you 10 cents.

Not bad.

Originality PricingJPEG


Are you searching for a reliable tool to guarantee quality and creativity in your work?

Originality AI is for you.

This cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology allows users to create content that is original, high caliber, undetectable by plagiarism detectors, and straightforward to use.

With its user-friendly interface and vast array of features, students, professionals–and anyone who creates digital content–can benefit from this game-changing solution.

So if you are striving to produce top notch material with an incomparable level of uniqueness then give Originality AI a try.

5. Writesonic

writesonic HomepageJPEG


If you’re a content writer wanting to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, Writesonic just might be for you.

This AI powered writing assistant offers numerous features that make it simple to create captivating and high-quality content.

Its natural language processing algorithm takes away any guesswork or tediousness from your writing process, making sure that all of your pieces are faultless.

With Writesonic by your side, there is no limit as to what heights you can reach with your work.

Through its comprehensive suite of features, Writesonic assists you in crafting superior content quickly and efficiently.

From social media posts to eCommerce descriptions or even articles – no matter the project at hand -Writesonic does not only save time but also guarantees that your end result is free from any mistakes.


  • AI-assisted startup ideas to consider options not thought of before.
  • Utilize AIDA framework and pain-agitate-solution formula for content structuring.
  • Short press releases and meta descriptions generated with AI assistance.
  • Create professional and interesting personal bios.
  • Sentence expander to kickstart creativity.
  • Generate outlines for YouTube videos.
  • Short LinkedIn posts with AI help.
  • Google ad descriptions and Facebook ads creating tool available.
  • Generate summaries and product descriptions for blogs and products respectively.
  • High converting landing pages, content intros and rephrasing of content with Writesonic’s AI assistance.


Writesonic PricingJPEG

Writesonic offers three different pricing plans: free trial, short-form and long-form.

The free trial plan generates up to 6250 words.

For the short-form plan, you can pay $10 – $26.67 monthly for up to 125,000 words.

The long-form plan enables you to generate up to 2 million words per month at a cost of around $666 per month with annual billing offering 33% savings.

No unlimited credit plans are available, so users must closely monitor their word count or upgrade their plan accordingly.


Freelancers and business owners alike that are looking to benefit from AI copywriting and content generation should consider Writesonic, an esteemed software with a wide array of features that makes creating high-quality content in no time at all.

With this innovative tool, you don’t need to spend countless hours crafting articles or copy – let Writesonic do the work for you!

By using Writesonic, you can allocate your time towards other essential aspects of running a business, freeing up precious resources.

Furthermore, this remarkable tool offers customizable templates for different scenarios and is suitable for any size company or organization!

6. SurferSEO

SurferSEO HomepageJPEG


Surfer SEO is an innovative, cloud-based SEO tool that reveals what you must do to rank your content for the essential keywords pertaining to your business.

Through this program, you’ll gain insight into why top ranking posts are successful by analyzing their components.

In essence, Surfer SEO helps simplify and streamline SEO efforts so you can create high quality content with confidence!


  • Surfer SEO is designed to provide users with instantaneous reports with just a few clicks.
  • If you’re new to the platform, helpful tutorials and explanations are available for guidance.
  • To make your experience even more effortless, Surfer offers a Google Chrome extension and WordPress plugin – both of which will assist in content ranking alongside score checking.
  • Intuitive user interface that allows easy navigation.
  • Accuracy isn’t sacrificed; every piece of content created provides clarity & reliability so you can maximize results effortlessly.


Surfer SEO PricingJPEG

Currently, Surfer SEO provides three distinct pricing plans to suit your individual needs.

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Business

If you’re desiring to expand your business, the Basic plan is a great option for only $49 per month when paid annually.

This plan provides access to Grow flow which enables website growth and 10 articles that can be written/optimized monthly in addition to 20 pages audit each month.

If you want even more features and larger scalability, go with our Pro Plan at just $99 per month.

You’ll receive all of the same capabilities as the previous plan but on a much bigger scale.

With the Grow Flow plan, for just $99 per month you get five websites and access to twenty articles on the Content Optimizer.

Additionally, there are sixty pages that need to be audited monthly. If you’re looking for more of what’s included in this package but with larger quantities, then go bigger with a Business Plan at $199 per month.

All plans come complete with a Content Planner and SERP Analyser as well; so regardless of your choice between these two packages – both will provide ample features.

Plus, if it turns out Surfer SEO isn’t quite right for you after all- not an issue; they offer a seven day money back guarantee policy.


If you’re looking to rank on the first page of Google, then articles crafted with Surfer SEO content recommendations are your best bet.

The SERP analyzer tool and keyword density? All taken care of.

What’s more, if you already have pages live that need a little boost in rankings, Surfer SEO tools can help optimize them for success.

Whether you’re a savvy SEO veteran or are just starting out with page optimization, Surfer SEO is the perfect platform for you.

This intuitive tool makes it incredibly simple to use regardless of your experience level and its features make optimizing pages simpler than ever before.

If you want an efficient search engine optimization (SEO) solution, look no further – we wholeheartedly recommend exploring what Surfer SEO has to offer.


word image 3894 11 1


Grammarly is the perfect tool for writers of all skill levels.

The AI-powered writing assistant will drastically improve your content with its cutting edge technology, making it easier than ever to discover mistakes quickly, detect plagiarism and assess readability.

Not only that, but Grammarly has an astute understanding of punctuation, context and proper word usage – providing you with everything you need to become a better writer!


  • Find and fix mistakes quickly and decisively
  • Detect plagiarism for reliable and accurate content
  • Automatically check readability to ensure your message is clear
  • Understand context and punctuation for accurate word usage
  • Improve writing skills and taglines with AI powered assistance


Grammarly PricingJPEG

You can try Grammarly for free and their paid subscription costs $30 per month.


Grammarly is perfect for those looking to guarantee the accuracy of their content, writers requiring a dependable plagiarism checking tool, as well as organizations aiming for writing without any mistakes.


What are AI content writing tools?

AI content writing tools utilize natural language processing tools to generate computer-generated content.

Determine your desired type of writing, such as a blog post or advertisement, and provide parameters for the AI tool to follow.

AI content writing tools can create human-like text with the power of AI technology.

What is an AI writing assistant?

AI writing assistants are created to make the content creation process easier and more efficient.

These tools come in a variety of forms, from those with diverse writing functions such as Copysmith to those that focus on just one job like Grammarly.

AI technology is revolutionizing how we create our written material rapidly and effectively.

Which AI Writers Have SEO Tools?

For the best SEO tool seamlessly integrated within an AI writer, check out Surfer SEO.

Which AI Writers Create Long-Form Content Fast?

To create long-form content fast we suggest either Jasper AI or Content At Scale.

Having the right gear to help you type fast also helps.

How Do AI Writing Tools Work?

AI writing is becoming more common due to advances in AI models and algorithms, which allow machines to interpret data sources and generate human-like text.

GPT-3, a neural network model developed by OpenAI, stands out as one of the most popular today due to its ability to create realistic content that imitates natural language.

To ensure this quality output is achieved, the GPT-3 model draws on massive amounts of data ranging from books and articles all the way through other textual resources.

When training has been completed successfully, it can autonomously craft new pieces independently with remarkable accuracy.

What Are The Benefits of AI Writing Software?

AI writing tools are an invaluable asset for content creators.

Whether you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, need assistance in refining your grammar, or simply want to create higher quality content – AI writing software can provide a helping hand.

As the variety of use cases available continues to expand (including but not limited to generating and improving content and correcting grammar), it’s no surprise that AI writing solutions have become increasingly popular among all types of authors.

Is AI writing free?

Some, such as ChatGPT, currently have a free version but for more powerful features a paid subscription may be required.

Check out our in-depth review of the best free content generators.

What is the best AI writer tool?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different AI writer tools may suit different needs and preferences.

However, some of the most popular and highly rated AI writer tools in 2023 are ChatGPT-4, Writesonic, Copy.ai, Ink AI, Anyword, Sudowrite, and Jasper.

These tools use advanced natural language generation (NLG) technology to create various types of content, such as blog posts, headlines, slogans, ads, stories, and more.

What is the best AI tool for essay writing?

According to a recent review by News Direct, the best AI tool for essay writing in 2023 is PerfectEssayWriter.ai

This tool claims to generate high-quality essays on any topic, with features such as contextual analysis, plagiarism detection, and auto-referencing.

It also offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee.

Is there an AI tool to write anything?

No AI tool can write anything and everything, as human creativity and expertise are still essential for producing original and meaningful content.

However, some AI tools can write a wide range of content types, such as Jasper, which can generate long-form content on any topic, or Copy.ai, which can create copywriting content for various purposes.

What is the best free AI copywriting tool?

Most AI copywriting tools require a subscription or a pay-per-use model to access their full features and functionality.

However, some AI copywriting tools offer free plans or trials that allow users to test their capabilities and generate some content.

For example, Anyword offers a free plan that lets users create up to 10 headlines per month, while Writesonic offers a free trial that gives users 10 credits to use on any template.

Is copy AI better than Jarvis?

Jarvis is now Jasper AI. Both Copy.ai and Jasper (formerly Jarvis) are popular AI copywriting tools that use GPT-4 technology to generate various types of content.

However, they have some differences in their features, pricing, and user interface. Copy.ai has more templates and languages than Jasper, but Jasper has more integrations and customization options.

Copy.ai has a simpler and more intuitive interface than Jasper, but Jasper has more feedback and support options.

Copy.ai has a lower monthly price than Jasper, but Jasper has a higher credit limit.

Which is better Jarvis or copy AI?

As mentioned above, Jarvis is now Jasper AI., and both Jasper (formerly Jarvis) and Copy.ai have their pros and cons.

So the answer to this question may depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Some users may prefer Jasper for its integrations and customization features, while others may prefer Copy.ai for its simplicity and variety of templates.

Ultimately, the best way to find out which one is better for you is to try them both and compare their results.

What is Jarvis replaced with?

As mentioned above, Jarvis is now Jasper AI. Jasper is not replaced with anything in 2023.

It is still one of the leading AI copywriting tools in the market, along with Copy.ai and others.

However, it has undergone some changes and improvements since its launch in 2021.

For example, it has added more templates, languages, integrations, and features such as Boss Mode and Surfer SEO integration.

What AI does Tony Stark use?

Tony Stark is a fictional character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who uses various artificial intelligence systems to assist him in his superhero activities..

The most famous one is J.A.R.V.I.S., which stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. J.A.R.V.I.S. is voiced by Paul Bettany and acts as Stark’s personal assistant, computer system, and friend.

J.A.R.V.I.S. later becomes the basis for the creation of Vision, an android superhero who joins the Avengers.

Is Jasper AI better than copy AI?

Jasper AI and Copy.ai are both powerful AI writing tools that use GPT-4 technology to generate content.

However, they have different focuses and strengths. Jasper AI specializes in creating long-form content on any topic, such as blog posts, articles, ebooks, white papers, etc.

Copy.ai specializes in creating short-form content for various purposes, such as headlines, slogans, ads, social media posts, etc.

Therefore, the answer to this question may depend on what kind of content you need and how much time you have.

Conclusion: How To Pick The Best AI Writing Software For You

When picking the perfect AI writing software for your needs, be sure to assess its potential and capability.

Do you need a tool that can edit and proofread work?

Or an app that produces creative content with lightning speed?

Can it automate certain processes so you can generate high-quality pieces quickly and efficiently?

Weigh up these features before selecting the right piece of AI software for you.

If you are interested in learning more about useful and fun AI tools, check out our complete list here.