6+ Best AI Video Generator Tools Updated and Reviewed (2023)

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When it comes to your content, selecting the ideal AI video generator tool can be very important. Whether you need product demos or step-by-step tutorials, the best tools can help you achieve success. That’s why I have assessed and evaluated seven of the top AI video generators in this exclusive guide; so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Best overall


With Synthesia’s AI-driven system, you can easily make incredible videos and stunning visuals with a professional touch.
Best premium


Lumen5 is the ideal choice for your video production needs, whether you’re aiming to inform, engage or promote to your audience.
Best value


Utilizing advanced AI, Pictory generates impressive videos from the ground up and transform blog posts into captivating visuals.

What are the Best AI Video Generators?

1. Synthesia – Here’s Why 30,000+ Companies Love Creating Videos Using Synthesia

Synthesia Pros ConsJPEG


Synthesia is a revolutionary AI-driven video generator that manufactures photorealistic representations of real people.

This technology makes it simple to create lifelike characters for movies, games and other digital content.

Synthesia’s cutting-edge ability stems from its deep learning algorithm which can craft high definition animations with only the input of an ordinary 2D photo.

This system understands facial features such as lips, eyes or even noses in great detail, making these avatars so believable you’d have difficulty distinguishing them from reality.

Just check out what I was able to do with Synthesia in about 10 minutes:

Synthesia has the potential to utterly revolutionize digital content creation with its remarkable, lifelike facial features and ultra-realistic background settings.

With this technology, it is now possible to make videos that appear as if they were filmed in reality.

This makes the possibilities for creative video making endless.


If you’re seeking a top-notch video generation platform that utilizes AI, then Synthesia is the ultimate answer.

Here are some of its remarkable benefits:

  • With an expansive selection of options to choose from, it guarantees finding the perfect fit for your needs.
  • It’s highly scalable and capable of generating training videos on demand without any hassle.
  • By incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology in their system, they deliver phenomenal video quality.
  • Plus, with its user-friendly interface and simple navigation tools, creating videos will be done rapidly and effortless.
  • Use 85+ AI avatars to narrate your script
  • Customize and edit
  • Generate, share, customize and edit with ease
  • Generate AI videos using video templates


Synthesia PricingJPEG

Unlock personal video creation with Synthesia’s AI service for $30 a month.


For those searching for a premier AI video generator, Synthesia is an outstanding option.

With the capacity to expand according to demand and generate videos with a incredibly realistic human avatar, this program stands out from its competitors.

2. Lumen5



If you’re looking for an artificial intelligence video that can help create videos quickly and easily, Lumen5 is your go-to.

As an AI video generator, it takes the work out of creating professional quality videos from existing content or starting with a blank slate.

It’s a great option for businesses looking to generate marketing materials on-the-fly or to edit pre-existing content into something eye-catching and engaging.

I was able to also create AI generated videos in the following video on Lumen5 in under 10 minutes:

As video content continues to become even more important for businesses, Lumen5 is quickly becoming a popular choice for a video creation and editing platform.

This AI video maker utilizes artificial intelligence combined with your video editing skills and software tools that are sophisticated enough to generate great videos that look as if they were human-created.

With their wide range of templates and customization options available, it’s easy to tailor video content to their brand and style.

Plus, video production can take less time than ever before thanks to these capabilities; it’s almost like having your own video team on staff.

In my case, this AI video generated video has some implications with computer vision, as it could be used for real-time coaching.


  • Unleash your creativity by crafting professional-quality videos from the ground up or polishing pre-existing content.
  • AI video makers revel in the extensive array of templates and customizable choices available to them.
  • By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and video editing software, you can craft realistic videos that emulate those made by a human.
  • Transform your blog posts into stunning AI videos to catapult your text-to-video AI video generator.
  • Easily customize your videos with the same convenience of PowerPoint – simply click and drag to insert text, images, and videos.
  • Create voiceovers using text-to-speech



Lumen5 offers four different pricing options to meet your needs.

The Community plan is free and includes AI software, however videos will contain watermarks and lower resolution (720p).

Upgrade to the Basic ($19/month) for no-watermark video quality.

For more features such as stock photos and higher video resolution (1080p), try out Starter ($59/month).

If you’re looking for even more perks like brand kits, custom watermarks, etc., opt in to Professional ($149/month)

Keep in mind that this is for yearly plans.

If you would like monthly plans are below:


The community plan is still free with both monthly and yearly plans.


Lumen5 is the perfect tool for AI video creators who want to streamline their production process.

Utilize this powerful platform to quickly and easily generate stunning YouTube videos, explainer videos, clips or promotional materials directly from blog posts with minimal effort.

You’ll be left amazed by the quality of content produced thanks to its smart artificial intelligence technology.

3. Invideo



Are you in need of a professional-looking video but don’t have the time to create one from scratch?

InVideo’s AI technology is your perfect solution.

With their wide selection of templates, background music, and sound effects at your fingertips, you’ll be able to quickly craft an engaging and visually stunning video.

Better yet – all videos are correctly formatted for optimal viewing on any device so that no matter where it’s shared or watched, it will always look great too.


  • Create impactful videos in only three steps with InVideo’s library of 50+ AI-based templates.
  • Even novice video editors can easily create high quality content without needing to spend hours searching for the right clip.
  • Every created video will be unique and perfectly optimized thanks to InVideo’s artificial intelligence technology so you don’t have to worry about creating something generic or average.



If you’re looking for a great video-making platform, look no further than InVideo.

There are three unique pricing tiers available to suit any budget and needs:

The Free Plan offers 40 minutes of video creation with access to templates and media library; however, your videos will include a watermark.

The Business tier is $15 per month allowing up to 60 videos monthly without a watermark.

Finally, Unlimited plans cost only $30 each month, allowing you to create an unlimited number of videos.


If you’re wanting to craft an engaging video for social media, your website, or even just as a hobby, then InVideo is an ideal AI video creator.

Take my word – it’s an indispensable tool if you want affordable and high quality videos at lightning speed.

4. Pictory



For those looking for an uncomplicated and affordable way to create stunning, professional-looking videos for any social media platform, Pictory is an excellent solution.

It’s packed with features that simplify your video editing experience, even if you lack experience in this area.

Whether you want a personal or marketing masterpiece – with easy user navigation and high-quality outcomes – Pictory offers just what you need.


  • Expansive variety of customizable templates and powerful AI capabilities.
  • Rather than spending hours manually searching through long-form videos, this innovative tool leverages advanced technology to swiftly uncover “golden nuggets” in content that can be used to create branded short-form snippets ideal for social media posts.
  • Maximize efficiency and reach a larger audience with minimal effort.
  • With its ever-improving algorithms, Pictory’s output quality will only get better and better.
  • Incredibly user-friendly with no prior experience necessary, the software is guaranteed to produce high-quality videos for everyone.
  • Automated transcription of all generated videos.
  • A free trial of their standard pricing level makes this great value even more accessible.



Check out Pictory’s free trial to ensure it’s exactly the AI video generator software you require.

With a Standard subscription for $19/month, make up to 30 videos and an additional 10 hours of transcription.

Take things one step further with Premium level – only $39/month gives you access to double the amount of footage and 20 hours of transcription.

Keep in mind that the above listed prices are for annual plans.

Monthly prices are below:

Lumen5MonthlyPricingJPEG 1


If you’re a video creator searching for an effortless way to produce short-form clips from your longer blog post articles or videos, then Pictory is a pretty sweet solution.

Not only is it swift and simple, but its intuitive platform will help you get maximum exposure with minimal hassle.

5. Designs.ai



If you are searching for a top-notch AI video generator, Designs.ai could be your go-to option.

This online platform offers an abundance of customizable video templates that make creating a professional-looking clip simple and fast.

With just a few clicks and the addition of logos, images, and text – you can have engaging marketing videos up in minutes.

With designs.ai, you can create quality videos and stunning videos without the costly expenses of hardware and software.

Not only that, but they offer a library full of stock video clips and photos to use in your project as well.

All you need to do is pick out a template, customize it according to your needs, then render the final product – easy peasy.

Designs.ai Cons? Not many.

Say goodbye to expensive production costs while still being able to produce content that will blow away your audience – with designs.ai at least.


This smart tool has a variety of advantages that you won’t want to miss:

  • Designs.ai hosts an array of customizable video templates to suit all requirements, even for those without any previous experience or technical skills in editing videos.
  • You can test out the service via a free trial before subscribing so that you know exactly what to expect from their finished products.
  • They are always high-quality and professional – ideal for businesses or individuals looking to produce stunningly polished videos.
  • Designs.ai stands out as a great option for anyone aspiring to generate AI-created videos, thanks to its range of templates, straightforwardness and exceptional output quality.



For those who are just starting out, the Basic package at only $29 a month is likely more than enough.

For those looking to take their productions to the next level, the Pro package comes in with a price of $69 per month.


If you’re searching for a way to create high quality videos that offer a comprehensive solution to all your design needs, take a look at designs.ai

Not only does it provide outstanding video generation capabilities, but also logo creation, AI-generated voiceovers and visuals & graphics.

With Designs.ai at your fingertips, you’ll have an entire suite of professional design services in the palm of your hand – maximizing efficiency and streamlining productivity faster than ever before.

6. Veed.io



Looking to easily create videos with engaging AI?

Give Veed.io a try.

Their easy-to-use platform offers an array of templates with styles, designs, and content tailored to the needs of any industry.

Whether you’re new to video creation process or have prior knowledge and experience in design skills, it’s simple: input your text, images and footage into Veed.io – and watch as this AI tool does the rest.

What’s more – their ai generated videos are completely customizable so that an AI avatar and its contents accurately reflect your own avatar and unique identity.

In just a few minutes you can generate professional quality AI videos faster than ever before.


Veed.io is a revolutionary video editing tool that utilizes AI technology to automatically create stunning videos in minutes.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe it’s one of the best tools available:

  • Veed.io is the ideal video editing tool thanks to its AI capabilities that enable it to create professional videos automatically and quickly without extensive manual input.
  • The process is simple and straightforward, but also you can customize your final products in various styles and formats according to your wants or needs.
  • You get exceptional video quality – thanks to its ability to select and combine only the finest footage.
  • A low monthly rate that makes it affordable.


Veed io pricing annual
Veed.io Annual Pricing

Veed.io offers a range of options for creating videos, each tailored to different needs and budgets.

The Free Plan is perfect for one-off projects up to 10 minutes long (watermarked).

Pro will cost you $30/mo billed annnually or $38/mo billed monthly. This plan gives you the ability to remove watermarks and 1440 minutes worth of subtitles every year.

Business comes in at $59/mo billed annually or 70/mo billed monthly. This plan gives users 8000 minutes worth of auto subtitles plus custom templates and more.

Enterprise will be $100/mo billed annually. There is no option for monthly billing. This plan comes with a bunch of perks including but not limited to brand assets and a custom video player.

Veed io monthly pricing
Veed.io Monthly Pricing


To summarize, Veed.io stands out as one of the finest AI video editing tools available today.

With its array of advantageous features, it is an ideal option for companies and content creators who need quick yet high-quality videos at a budget price.

If you’re in search of reliable solutions to enhance your videos and reach a wider audience, then don’t hesitate to try Veed.io

Common Questions About AI Video Generators

What is an AI video generator?

Free AI writer
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AI video generators are advanced computer programs that can craft videos from scratch using artificial intelligence.

Through replicating the creative process of human filmmakers, these systems analyze a script and fabricate an engaging story by creating remarkable visuals or even a virtual face for your project.

Turn Any Text To Video, No video editing skills required

Source: Adobe Stock

What’s more?

You will be able to generate impressive results without spending days perfecting it.

How do I make a human AI video for free?

AI Art Generator
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Absolutely! Stop what you’re doing and check out Synthesia.io right now to make an AI-driven video with a human face – free of charge.

Just select your desired video template, insert the text, then watch as a stunningly realistic video is crafted in only minutes.

There are also many ways you can create free content as well.

Is synthesia IO free?

Source: Canva Pro

Yes, you can try Synthesia.io for no cost.

You can give it a spin, and if you would like to make more professional videos yourself with the software afterward, there’s a monthly fee of $30 per month for personal use.

Can AI create videos?

Source: Canva Pro


Have you noticed any incredibly realistic fabricated videos online lately?

Chances are many were generated by AI.

Artificial intelligence is used for a variety of tasks, including generating videos that can be applied to make trailers and other content on movie streaming sites like YouTube or social media platforms.

Music video production has also taken advantage of the potentials of this technology.

Is there any AI video generator?

Yes, there are many AI video generators available online that can help you create videos from text, images, or voice.

Some examples are Kapwing, Synthesia, Lumen5, and InVideo.

Is there a free AI video generator?

Yes, some AI video generators offer free plans or trials that let you create videos with limited features or duration.

Kapwing and InVideo offer free plans with watermarked videos.

Kapwing allows you to edit videos or create videos up to 7 minutes long.

Where can I generate AI videos?

You can generate AI videos on various websites that offer AI video tools.

You can access these websites from your browser and create videos without any equipment or editing skills, just basic computer skills.

Some of these websites are Kapwing.com, Synthesia.io, Peech.app, InVideo.io, and Zebracat AI.

How do I make a generative AI video?

A generative AI video is a video that is created by an AI algorithm that can produce new and original content based on some input.

To make a generative AI video, you need to use a website or software that has generative AI capabilities.

One example is Runway, which lets you experiment with different generative models and create videos with various effects and styles.

How to convert image to video using AI?

To convert an image to a video using AI, you need to use a website or software that can animate your image and add motion, sound, or text to it.

One example is Fliki, which lets you turn any image into a short video for social media with music and captions.

Is Midjourney free?

No, Midjourney is not free but it does offer a free trial.

It is a subscription-based service that lets you create AI-generated art and videos from text or images.

It has different plans starting from $8 per month.

Is Midjourney better than Dall-E?

Midjourney and Dall-E are both AI systems that can generate images from text prompts, but they have different features and purposes.

Midjourney is designed for artists and creators who want to make art and videos with AI, while Dall-E is a research project by OpenAI that showcases the capabilities of large-scale language models.

Midjourney has more options for customization and editing, while Dall-E has more diversity and creativity in its outputs.

Which one is better depends on your preferences and goals.

Are there any free AI art generators?

Yes, some free AI art generators let you create art from text or images using AI.

Some examples are Artbreeder, This X Does Not Exist, and Deep Dream Generator.

How much does Midjourney cost per month?

Midjourney has different plans for different needs and budgets starting from $8 per month.

Here is a break down of their plans:  


Wrap-Up: The Best AI Video Generators

Source: Canva Pro

In today’s tech-driven world, there are countless AI video generators that boast incredible results.

If you’re looking to produce a polished and unique video without the need of appearing on camera yourself, then be sure to check out one of these artificial intelligence video-based software options.

Not only are they simple to navigate but they can also make videos look their best with no prior editing background required.

If you’re striving to create a captivating and engaging video, whether it uses human faces, anime or other visuals, the top-notch AI video generators compiled in this list are guaranteed to help.

I sincerely hope that these suggestions will make creating and sharing videos simpler yet impressive.

If you are interested in more fun AI tools check out our complete list here.