Synthesia Review: Outstanding Video Creation with AI (2023)

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Synthesia Review

Synthesia review

Synthesia Overview

This Synthesia review will cover a revolutionary AI-driven video generator that manufactures photorealistic representations of real people.

This technology makes it simple to create lifelike characters for movies, games and other digital content.

Synthesia’s cutting-edge ability stems from its deep learning algorithm which can craft high definition animations with only the input of an ordinary 2D photo.

This system understands facial features such as lips, eyes or even noses in great detail, making these avatars so believable you’d have difficulty distinguishing them from reality.

Just check out what I was able to do with Synthesia in about 10 minutes:

Synthesia has the potential to utterly revolutionize digital content creation with its remarkable, lifelike facial features and ultra-realistic background settings.

With this technology, it is now possible to make videos that appear as if they were filmed in reality.

This makes the possibilities for creative video making endless.


If you’re seeking a top-notch video generation platform that utilizes AI, then Synthesia is the ultimate answer.

Here are some of its remarkable benefits:

  • With an expansive selection of options to choose from, it guarantees finding the perfect fit for your needs.
  • It’s highly scalable and capable of generating training videos on demand without any hassle.
  • By incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology in their system, they deliver phenomenal video quality.
  • Plus, with its user-friendly interface and simple navigation tools, creating videos will be done rapidly and effortless.
  • Use 85+ AI avatars to narrate your script
  • Customize and edit
  • Generate, share, customize and edit with ease
  • Generate AI videos using video templates


Synthesia Pricing

Unlock personal video creation with Synthesia’s AI service for $30 a month.

Bottom Line

For those searching for a premier AI video generator, Synthesia is an outstanding option.

With the capacity to expand according to demand and generate videos with a incredibly realistic human avatar, this program stands out from its competitors.

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Can I use Synthesia for free?

You don’t need a credit card to create a free AI video with Synthesia. However, your access to features and content will be limited. If you want more features and content, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

How much does Synthesia software cost?

The pricing plans for Synthesia software vary based on how you intend to use it.

There are several options available to you, with the cheapest plan starting at $30 per month.

With this plan, you’ll have access to 65+ avatars, 70+ languages, and 10 minutes of video per month.

The most expensive plan is priced at $500 per month and offers custom avatars, an unlimited number of languages, and 300 minutes of video per month.

Additionally, if you require enterprise solutions, you can request a custom quote.

Does Synthesia use real people?

Synthesia is a technology that utilizes AI to produce avatars that closely resemble and sound like real humans.

These avatars are capable of speaking any text in any language.

While some of the avatars are developed based on consent from real individuals, others are generated from AI algorithms.

Additionally, you can create a personalized avatar by submitting a photo or video of yourself.

Can I use Synthesia videos on YouTube?

As long as you follow Synthesia’s terms of service and community guidelines, you are allowed to use their YouTube videos.

Proper credit to Synthesia and the original sources must be given in your videos.

It is important to avoid using Synthesia videos for any illegal, harmful, or deceptive purposes.

Is Synthesia worth it for AI?

It’s difficult to offer a precise response to the question.

However, I can provide some information on Synthesia, an AI video creation tool that can assist you in producing high-quality videos within minutes, without requiring any editing skills or equipment.

Moreover, it can assist you in translating your videos into more than 120 languages quickly and easily.

The tool can be used for multiple purposes such as marketing, internal communications, sales enablement, and learning and development.

The decision whether or not to use Synthesia largely depends on your objectives, requirements, and budget.

Is Synthesia a subscription?

Synthesia offers various pricing plans for subscriptions based on your usage and requirements.

You have the flexibility to pause, cancel or modify your subscription at any time.