MetaHumans Ultimate Animation Astounding iPhone (2023)

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Get ready to animate your MetaHumans with Epic’s revolutionary new technology.

Touted as a way of simplifying the creation of lifelike human characters, their 2021 debut of the MetaHuman creator tools was only an introduction.

Now, at GDC 2023’s State Of Unreal keynote event, they have unveiled incredible animation capabilities that can render realistic facial expressions from just video footage taken on an iPhone.

Epic Games’ MetaHumans technology is revolutionary, taking real-life scans of people and running the digital avatars on high-end PCs with RTX graphics cards.

It’s even more remarkable that you will soon be able to animate these hyperrealistic MetaHumans using just an iPhone.

MetaHumans Animator | Performance Capture Using iPhone

MetaHuman Animator | Performance capture using iPhone

The full performance capture capabilities take it a step further and are absolutely astounding.

Epic Games gave a live demonstration, with the actor from Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II speaking into the camera; it was rendered quickly and accurately.

State Of Unreal | Ninja Theory, Xbox Game Studios

State of Unreal | Ninja Theory, Xbox Game Studios

What truly stunned everyone was that they then displayed how animations captured onstage were used to bring another MetaHuman character alive.

This animator is going to be available in the summer months with unprecedented speed and precision.

During the new Hellblade’s trailer, we were given a thrilling preview of what to expect from its facial animation.

During the State of Unreal keynote at this year’s Game Developers Conference, we announced exciting news about Fortnite, Unreal Engine 5 and more alongside today’s announcement.

MetaHuman Creator Early Access Out Now: Meet The Team | Unreal Engine

MetaHuman Creator Early Access Out Now: Meet the Team | Unreal Engine

If you’re interested in learning more about Epic’s journey into simulation, check out Life By You.


How Much Is MetaHuman Creator?

With MetaHuman Creator, you can create and utilize amazing assets for free in your Unreal Engine projects.

Rendering with Unreal Engine is necessary for MetaHuman assets.

What Do You Need To Use MetaHuman Creator?

If you want to get your hands on MetaHumans, you will require either a Windows or macOS system along with access to the internet and one of these browsers: Chrome, Edge (Chromium), Firefox, or Safari.

Don’t forget that an Epic Games account is needed too.

Quixel Bridge – which is already integrated in Unreal Engine 5 – should be used for downloading purposes; if however still operating UE4 then download the free standalone Bridge application instead.

What Unreal Engine Versions Are Supported?

Utilizing the most up-to-date version of Unreal Engine (at least 4.26.2) is essential for creating MetaHumans – and we highly recommend upgrading to UE5, which enables you to take full advantage of new features like animation, rigging, and ragdoll physics.

Will I Be Able To Download The Source Assets To Edit In Another Application?

In Autodesk Maya, yes you will be able to download for animating.

Unless it’s rendered with Unreal Engine, though, you cannot publish MetaHumans as final content.

Can I Use Characters Generated in MetaHuman Creator Outside Of Unreal Engine?

Utilizing Unreal Engine is essential if you wish to render the characters created with MetaHuman Creator, including those in the sample project.

Rendering them elsewhere apart from Unreal Engine is strictly prohibited and thus not allowed.

Wrapping Up

Epic Games’ MetaHumans are transforming the way we bring our imaginative digital worlds to life.

Now, with their cutting-edge animation capabilities, there is no limit to what kind of remarkable and meaningful content can be created for all to enjoy.

We are only beginning the era of MetaHumans but it’s certain that in years ahead this technology will open up new horizons full of creative ingenuity.

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