Our Review Process & Editorial Standards

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be heavily taxing attempting to locate reliable data. The reality is that trustworthy research material is challenging to find. What’s more, a lot of the accessible information can be dull and mind-bogglingly complicated – not exactly ideal when one needs valuable facts. But there’s still hope; all is not lost yet.

We designed GTIER.com to help people stay informed in our ever-changing world. And we do it in a way that’s fun and inspiring. Our research experts dig deep into tech, gaming, and gear topics to bring you comprehensive studies and rich resources — complete with interactive visuals and other engaging imagery. Plus, everything is backed by hard data so you can trust what you’re reading.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide knowledge, guidance and confidence. Whether you are searching for the perfect efficiency device or need to stay informed with current industry information on internet culture & gaming–whatever your needs may be–our experts have got you covered. Get factual data without succumbing to dullness. Discovering reliable insights about tech, video games & lifestyle does not have to be a difficult task anymore. Together we will explore all of your options so that together we can create real solutions with ease.

At GTIER.com, we are committed to crafting dependable resources that keep people informed on the latest technology, gaming and lifestyle news. To achieve this goal, our team studies industry reports and trends, runs in-depth research analyses, then generates practical tools and guides for our readers’ benefit. Additionally – best of all! – everything is enjoyable to read with simple explanations given throughout so it’s easier to digest the content provided.

Code of Ethics

At our company, we are wholly committed to upholding a set of ethical standards. These three principles serve as the guiding light for all that we do – from providing quality resources on emerging tech to every other service or product offered by us. With these values etched in stone, you can be sure that choosing our products and services will never let you down.



Trust is the foundation for meaningful relationships and the catalyst for extraordinary accomplishments.



Empathy is the superpower that allows us to connect with others and make meaningful change in the world.



Education is the key to unlocking limitless possibilities and creating a better future for all.

Our Commitment to Research


Our team of editorial experts is boosted by an experienced group of industry leaders with a total 75+ years in tech, gaming and digital gear. We hold our security specialists and editorial staff to the highest standards when it comes to conducting research; we reference credible studies, analyze user-submitted data and conduct thorough investigations ourselves.

Our Methodology and Approach

At G TIER®, our team of experts rigorously assess each product in order to furnish you with the most trustworthy, data-driven opinions and reviews. Our testing methodology is driven by the following key principles.

Our team of experts have crafted a distinct approach for researching and creating our studies, which is fortified by state-of-the art technological tools. With these cutting edge resources at their fingertips, they are able to investigate the topic more thoroughly and communicate the complete narrative to you – not just a fragment of it.

By leveraging new technologies, we are able to conduct better research — research that is often developed around countless data points, compared to only 3-5 data points that many other companies use.

Our editorial content is fortified by reliable resources. If needed, we refer to specialized studies and other peer-reviewed research and cite our references diligently. We recognize that it is the responsibility of our research team to furnish readers with factual, accurate information prior to providing anecdotal data.

Our accomplished team then skillfully interweaves their findings into a captivating narrative. With years of hands-on experience in the tech and gaming fields, they have first-hand knowledge to bolster their research so that it is both reliable and compelling. Furthermore, this background allows them to better decipher complex information while crafting an absorbing story with accuracy.


Ultimately, we make learning about tech, gaming and lifestyle super fun here at GTIER.com. Our editorial staff and team of experts consistently put their own experiences into the articles they write to ensure that our readers stay engaged and captivated. We understand what information resonates with people, as well as how to communicate knowledge in a meaningful way—in other words: inspiring research rather than boring facts. At GTIER.com, our goal is be interactive while making sure all resources are entertaining too — so studying never has to feel like a chore again.


Our Recommendations

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we provide personalized advice and recommendations tailored to each individual reader. For example, our tools for helping readers find the right AI software consider factors like workload, budget constraints, and user experience to identify an optimal solution that fits their specific needs and preferences. People appreciate this level of customization; it removes any guesswork from the equation while making it easier than ever before to pick the ideal option.

Fact Checking and Updates

Our research experts and editorial team follow rigorous standards for reviewing and updating material with fresh discoveries. And while we strive to remain entirely free of inaccuracies and errors, human error can occur. That is why we have a devoted senior editor on our staff. This person ensures that every resource receives an additional layer of inspection before it ever goes live, guaranteeing accuracy in all materials published.

At GTIER.com, we prioritize accuracy and swiftness of updates – so our readers can trust that the researches they are reading come from certified industry experts, verifiable sources and studies. Whenever discrepancies arise in facts on the website, we take steps to amend it immediately with correct information.

How We Keep GTIER.com Free for You

At our core, we believe that everyone should have access to the resources and information required to stay safe. We are committed to providing these materials at no cost; nothing is asked in return for accessing any of our research. Additionally, there aren’t any advertisements on our website – we recognize how annoying they can be and don’t want them getting in the way of a great user experience.

Although we don’t utilize intrusive methods to make money, our website needs to generate revenue in order for us to keep offering superior research resources and materials. Every so often, we will post affiliate links or phone numbers that when clicked on or called, can earn us a small commission. This is stated clearly within our earnings disclosure statement.

We remain convinced that this is the most profitable approach to monetize our website without compromising or impinging on our readership. Although we receive affiliate revenue, it never affects the quality of our editorial output; ensuring transparency and safeguarding reader loyalty by providing honest and accurate data are always at the forefront.

Responding to Readers

Our team values our readers and strives to promptly address any questions or comments they have. We are not a big corporate conglomerate, rather real people who sincerely prioritize open communication with our audience. That is why you can always count on us for support if/when it’s necessary – because your feedback matters.


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