91 Top Tech Trends For 2023: Ultimate Guide To Up Your Game

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Top tech trends for 2023

What Are The Top tech trends for 2023?

From futuristic gadgets to shiny new accessories, we’ve got you covered.

This will most definitely be a work in progress, so check back for new trends that will be added.

Now sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the future of tech, one trend at a time.

1. Advanced Multimedia Window Blinds

Advanced Blinds are an innovative type of window covering that includes a display and speaker to display content and play sound.

These blinds can be controlled through voice commands or a mobile application for added convenience.

They are an excellent option for smaller spaces or homes that want to maximize functionality and reduce clutter.

The ‘RE’ST’ speaker blind, designed by HoChul Shin, Jiun Park, Minji Kim, and Seungjun Jeon, is a conceptual example of this product.

2. Advanced Ultra Large Gaming Monitors

Gaming enthusiasts can experience superior visual immersion through Advanced Ultra Large Gaming Monitors.

These displays have wider and more expansive fields, high resolutions, fast refresh rates, and adaptive sync technologies like Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync.

They boast of HDR, curved screens, and wide color gamuts to provide realistic and stunning visual output.

Take, for instance, the Alienware AW3423DW1 featuring a QD-OLED panel with a record-breaking 500Hz overclocked refresh rate.

3. Aesthetically-Pleasing Computer Peripherals

Aesthetic Computer Peripherals are devices that connect to a computer and improve its functionality while also having an attractive appearance or design.

These can include keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones, and monitors, among other things.

They may have features like RGB lighting, sculptural shapes, or minimalist styles to create a visual impact and reflect the user’s personality.

Some examples of such products are the DUNE mouse by Fabio Verdelli Design Studio, which is inspired by sand dunes and has a unique sculptural shape, and the Cooler Master SK622 keyboard.

4. AI Enhanced Smartphone Gimbals

Handheld smartphone gimbals that are AI-enhanced help to stabilize your phone while you capture videos or pictures.

They use artificial intelligence to track objects or faces and conveniently adjust the camera angle and focus.

These gimbals also offer additional features such as compatibility with popular apps like TikTok and Instagram, wireless video transmission, and RGB fill light.

An example of such a product is the Hohem iSteady M6 gimbal, which has a detachable RGB fill light and supports manual focus lenses.

5. AI Generated Soundscape Platforms

AI-Generated Soundscape Platforms are apps available on mobile and online platforms that use artificial intelligence to create personalized soundscapes that are adaptive to various purposes.

They can be used for relaxation, focus, sleep, or mood enhancement by blending different sounds and music genres based on users’ preferences and context.

The apps are also capable of adjusting to external factors like location, weather, time of day, or heart rate to make the user experience more worthwhile.

Examples of apps that fall under this category include Endel and getsound.ai.

6. AI Mobile Exoskeletons

The Hypershell ‘Omega’ exoskeleton platform is an innovative solution designed to empower users and reduce fatigue while on the move, allowing them to explore their limits without any restrictions.

This system is incredibly portable and lightweight, weighing in at only 4.4 pounds, and with a collapsible design that fits easily into any backpack.

It also has an 800W permanent magnet synchronous motor that offers up to 66 pounds of extra support – allowing users to climb, run, hike, or walk with far greater ease than ever before.

Ever since I saw the AMP (amplified mobility platform) suit in the movie Avatar, I have dreamed of having my own.

And I don’t care what anyone says, Colonel Quaritch was a bad ass.

Owning the Hypershell ‘Omega’ exoskeleton looks like a good start to my dream coming true.

Check out their Kickstarter.

One Horsepower AI Exoskeleton Powers Your Everyday Adventure

7. AI Powered Human Chatbots

Chatbots like Google Duplex and Replika employ artificial intelligence to simulate human conversations, allowing for personalized and engaging interactions with customers, users, or visitors.

8. AI Powered Robot Lawnmowers

These lawnmowers utilize artificial intelligence to mow grass autonomously.

They can navigate challenging terrains, avoid obstacles, and efficiently mow the lawn. Examples of such mowers include the Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD and the Worx Landroid M.

9. AI Powered Weeding Robots

These robots utilize artificial intelligence to spot and eliminate weeds from crops which can lead to decreased labor expenses, enhanced productivity, and reduced herbicide usage.

The Carbon Robotics Autonomous Weeder and the ecoRobotix AVO are among some of the examples.

10. All-White Gamer PCs

These gaming computers have a minimalist white design, which can be attractive for gamers who prefer a sleek and elegant look for their gaming setup.

Examples of such computers include the NZXT H510 Elite and the Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB.

11. AR-Enabled Ski Goggles

These goggles are equipped with augmented reality technology and can display a variety of features and real-time data on the lens.

They can make skiing more enjoyable by providing navigation, music, communication, and other functionalities.

Examples of such goggles include the RideOn Vision AR Ski Goggles and Oakley Airwave 1.5.

12. At-Home Body Scanning Wearables

These are wearables that can scan and measure the body at home.

They can provide accurate and personalized data on fitness, health, and wellness.

Some examples are the Naked Labs 3D Body Scanner and the ShapeScale.

13. Automated Touchscreen Coffee Makers

Coffee makers with touchscreen interfaces are a convenient and customizable way to brew coffee with high quality.

Examples include the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Soul and the Saeco Xelsis.

14. Battery-Powered Espresso Makers

These espresso makers can be operated without electricity by utilizing batteries, making them suitable for espresso lovers who desire portability, mobility, and outdoor use.

Two examples of such machines are the Wacaco Nanopresso and the STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker.

15. Beach Cruising E-Bikes

San Diego-based electric bicycle manufacturer Ride1Up’s ‘Cafe Cruiser,’ which retails for $1,395, is riding the wave of beach cruising e-bikes.

This e-bike is uniquely designed to ensure optimum balance on sandy beaches and other rough terrain.

This is perfect for beach bums like myself who would love to ride out on the sand without worrying about biffing (too much).

Check out some stellar Youtube reviews here.

16.Cinema Cameras in 8k Rez

Red Digital Cinema is excited to introduce the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 and V-RAPTOR XL 8K S35, each equipped with a revolutionary new Super 35 sensor.

Both cameras boast twice as fast of a cinema-quality sensor scan time as their predecessor cinematography models.

The V-RAPTOR XL 8K S35 features an integrated, adjustable electronic ND system that permits users to precisely calibrate density in 1/4, 1/3, and even full-stop increments.

This invention is extremely useful for outdoor shoots where the camera’s mobile build makes wide-angle lens a breeze to use.

Additionally, with its 8K S35 sensor this model provides filmmakers with high- resolution shots; slow-motion capabilities; and shallow depth-of-field effects.

All of these amazing characteristics come at a price though – the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 costs $17995 while the superior version (the V-RAPTOR XL 8k S35) can be purchased for just under $34995.

Yes, it is expensive but this product proves that advanced filmmaking capabilities are now becoming available to consumers.

And as someone who has dreamt of being a filmmaker, I love the products that Red Digital Cinema and other companies are making.

17. Clear OLED Gaming Monitors

These monitors utilize transparent OLED technology to display images on a see-through screen, providing an immersive gaming experience by blending digital content with physical surroundings.

Two examples of such monitors are LG Transparent OLED Gaming Monitor and Samsung The Window.

18. Co-Branded Smartphone Concepts

These smartphone designs are the result of collaborations between different brands and feature unique and innovative aesthetics, functionalities, and features. Examples include the OnePlus x Hasselblad 9 Pro and the Samsung x Thom Browne Galaxy Z Fold2.

19. Coding Newbie Keyboard Concepts

These keyboard designs are intended to assist newcomers in learning coding by providing guidance, feedback, and shortcuts for different programming languages and platforms.

The QWERTYCODER and CODEX are two examples.

20. Collaborative Sci-Fi Headsets

These headsets provide an opportunity for collaborative and immersive experiences in sci-fi environments, utilizing virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality technologies to create engaging and lifelike scenarios.

Examples of such headsets include Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge and Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

21. Convenient 10-Blade Blenders

These blenders are equipped with 10 blades to efficiently blend ingredients into a smooth consistency at a faster pace.

They are capable of handling various recipes and types of cuisine, providing versatility, power, and efficiency.

For instance, the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO and the NutriBullet Blender Combo are prime examples.

22. Custom-Made Camera Smartphones

Some smartphones, such as the Motorola Moto Z4 and the Fairphone 3+, allow users to customize their camera modules.

This adds flexibility, creativity, and personalization options for different photography needs and preferences.

23. Custom Watercooled PC Cases

These are computer cases designed for PC enthusiasts that use water cooling systems to regulate the temperature of the components.

They provide better performance, aesthetics and customization options.

Some popular examples include the Thermaltake Tower 900 and the Corsair Obsidian 1000D.

24. Darkly Demure Urbanite eBikes

The electric bikes, such as the Canyon Future Mobility Concept and the Cowboy 4 eBike, have a sophisticated and modern appearance.

They might interest city riders who are searching for a trendy and practical means of getting around.

25. Dice-Shaped Gaming Consoles

These are portable gaming devices that have a compact, dice-like shape and size. They provide a simple and fun gaming experience for players.

The Playdate and the FunKey S are some examples of these devices.

26. Digital Bug Bite Relievers

Digital devices such as the Bite Helper and the Bug Bite Thing are used to relieve itchiness and inflammation caused by bug bites.

They are convenient, safe, and effective for outdoor enthusiasts.

27. Digital Design Desktop Rulers

Desktop screen rulers are tools designed to measure and align digital elements with precision, offering multiple benefits for designers and developers’ productivity and functionality.

Examples of these tools include Screen Ruler and Pixus.

28. Digital Polaroid Cameras

These are cameras that use a mix of digital and analog technology to produce immediate prints, providing photography enthusiasts with a blend of nostalgia, creative options, and high quality.

The Polaroid Now+ and the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay are a few examples of such cameras.

29. Digital Productivity Desk Devices

These are devices that can be used on desks to enhance productivity and efficiency.

They can offer features such as calendars, reminders, timers, notes, and more. Some examples are the TimeChi and the Mango Display.

30. Divided Ergonomic Keyboards

These are split keyboards designed to enhance ergonomics and comfort, which can lower the risk of strain, fatigue, and injuries for frequent typers.

The Logitech ERGO K860 and Kinesis Freestyle2 are some examples of such keyboards.

31. Dual-5G Fold-Out Smartphones

These smartphones are designed to fold and have the capability to connect to 5G networks.

They provide users with a large screen and fast network speeds, making them versatile and functional.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Huawei Mate X2 5G are examples of such smartphones.

32. Electric High-Powered Supercars

Lexus, the Toyota-owned luxury car brand, has unveiled an electric concept vehicle that could become part of its upcoming BEV sports car line.

This concept car has jaw-dropping features that will leave you wanting more.

The acceleration of 0-62 miles per hour in less than two seconds and the EV battery capable of giving 430 miles of drive range before needing to be recharged is just the beginning.

Furthermore, with its streamlined low ride height, striking futuristic design, and classic Lexus accents -this vehicle will become the ultimate electric supercar for those who seek luxurious perfection.

And Lexus is not the only one getting into this game: Fisker Ocean, Aptera Solar EV, Chevy Equinox EV, Tesla Roadster, Lotus Eletre, Ioniq 6, Tesla Cybertruck, BMW i5, and Audi A6 E-Tron (Avant) are all players (amongst others).

Check out some alternatives here.

Imagine riding out in one of these?

2024 Lexus Electrified Sport | EV With Manual Transmission Confirmed

33. Eye Massaging Masks

These masks use massage technology to relax and soothe the eyes.

They can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and relieve eye strain.

Two examples of such masks are the RENPHO Eye Massager and the Breo iSee4 Eye Massager.

34. Furniture designs that produce power

These are furniture pieces that can produce electricity using eco-friendly sources like solar, wind, or kinetic energy.

They provide sustainability, innovation, and convenience to users wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and power their devices.

The EcoCharge and the Solar Inside are a couple of examples.

35. Futuristic Cameras With 0 Distortion

The mentioned cameras utilize advanced technology to produce clear and accurate images without distortion.

They are suitable for both professional and amateur photographers. Some examples are the Canon EOS R5 and Sony Alpha 1.

36. Futuristic Foot Fashion

These footwear designs showcase futuristic and innovative elements, providing both style and comfort for fashion-forward consumers.

Examples include the Nike ISPA Road Warrior and the Adidas Futurecraft 4D.

37. High-End Vintage-Inspired Headphones

These headphones provide a blend of modern technology and vintage design.

They offer excellent sound quality and durability, appealing to both audiophiles and retro enthusiasts.

Some popular models include the Master & Dynamic MW65 and the Grado Hemp Headphones.

38. High-End Touchscreen Tablets

These are tablets with advanced features and touchscreens.

They provide versatility, productivity, and entertainment for users who desire a potent and convenient device.

The Apple iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 are some examples.

39. Home Assistance Robots

The robots mentioned can do different things in a house like cleaning, cooking, providing security, entertainment, and company.

The Samsung Bot Handy has an arm and gripper that helps it identify and handle objects while Moley Robotic Kitchen uses its robotic arms and smart appliances to make more than 5,000 recipes.

40. Hybrid Mini Instant Cameras

These cameras have both digital and analog features, enabling users to take, modify, and print photos right away.

For instance, the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay can include sound in the photo through a QR code, while the Polaroid Go is the smallest analog instant camera worldwide.

41. Hyper-Charge Smartphone Models

The smartphones mentioned have the ability to charge quickly, allowing users to recharge their devices in a matter of minutes.

For instance, the OnePlus 9 Pro comes with a 65W wired charger and a 50W wireless charger, which can completely charge the phone in 43 minutes and 45 minutes respectively.

The Oppo Find X3 Pro features a 65W SuperVOOC charger, which can charge the phone from 0% to 40% in just 10 minutes.

42. Ice-Free Travel Coolers

These coolers use thermoelectric technology instead of ice to keep food and drinks cold. The GoSun Chillest and Dometic CFX3 are two examples.

The GoSun Chillest has a solar-powered battery and can cool down to -4°F, while the Dometic CFX3 can cool down to -7°F and comes with a smartphone app for temperature control.

43. Immersive 3d Imagery Tablets

These are tablets that can show 3D images without requiring glasses to create an immersive viewing experience.

For instance, the Looking Glass Portrait uses light field technology to create hologram-like pictures, and the Lume Pad uses Leia’s Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB) technology to create true-to-life depth effects.

44. Immersive Multi-Room Speakers

These speakers use wireless connectivity and smart features to create a surround sound effect in multiple rooms.

The Sonos Roam can switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and adjust sound based on the environment.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level can modify its sound based on orientation and placement.

45. Industrial Design Smart Speakers

These are speakers that feature a tough and simple design inspired by industrial elements.

Two examples are the Marshall Uxbridge Voice with a metal grille and a leather strap, and the Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance with a wooden base and a textile-covered speaker.

46. Intelligent Air Purifiers

These are air purifiers which utilize sensors and artificial intelligence to enhance the air quality in real-time.

A few examples include the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool, which can humidify, cool, and purify the air through a HEPA filter and UV-C light, and the Molekule Air Mini +, which can eliminate pollutants with its PECO technology and regulate its fan speed based on the air quality index.

47. Intelligent Kitchen Robots

These are robotic devices equipped with sensors and smart features that can help with cooking, baking, and serving food.

For instance, the Rotimatic Zimplistic can produce flatbreads using its built-in flour container and water tank, while the BellaBot can serve food to customers with its four trays and feline expressions.

48. Intelligent Technology Travel Tripods

These tripods come equipped with smart features that improve photography and videography.

For instance, the Peak Design Travel Tripod boasts a lightweight and compact design, a built-in phone mount, and a universal head.

The Arsenal 2, meanwhile, has an AI-powered camera assistant that helps control settings, focus, exposure, and other features.

49. Internal Gearbox E-Bikes

These bikes are electric and feature an internal gearbox, offering improved durability and efficiency compared to traditional derailleur systems.

Notable examples include the Pole Taival, which comes with a 12-speed Pinion gearbox and a Gates Carbon Drive belt, and the Riese & Müller Superdelite GT Rohloff, which boasts a 14-speed Rohloff E-14 electronic gearbox and a Bosch Performance Line CX motor.

50. Linked Translation Pens

These pens have the ability to scan and translate text from various languages using wireless connectivity and smart functions.

The Scanmarker Air and the PenPower WorldPenScan X are two examples that can scan and translate text to over 40 and 200 languages, respectively.

The Scanmarker Air also has a text-to-speech function while the PenPower WorldPenScan X can sync with iOS and Android devices.

51. Low-energy, Business-Capable Mini PCs

These computers that use less energy but still offer strong performance for both personal and business purposes.

Two examples are the ASUS PN50, which has an AMD Ryzen 4000 mobile processor and can display up to 8K resolution, and the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano IoT, which has an Intel Core i3 processor and can connect to three separate displays.

52. Low-Latency Gaming Headsets

Introducing the Wyze Wireless Gaming Headset: an innovative gamer-oriented headset designed to deliver premium audio features without breaking your wallet.

This headset has a low-latency design aimed at a lag-free experience and 50mm drivers that produce high-quality audio.

The rechargeable battery has an impressive 20-hour lifespan, and the anti-fatigue design ensures users can play their favorite games for hours without worrying about discomfort.

It features an easy-to-use navigation button to quickly switch between devices all while boasting a rugged design that stands up to any gaming lifestyle.

At $59.99, this affordable headset marks Wyze’s first step into the competitive world of gaming equipment and sets a new precedent for low-latency headsets.

And as someone who hates audio lag, I approve of this feature becoming mainstream and companies focusing on it.

53. Luxury Flagship Smartwatch Models

These are high-end smartwatches with elegant designs and advanced features that provide both luxury and functionality.

Two examples are the TAG Heuer Connected, featuring a titanium case, a sapphire crystal screen, and a custom sports app, and the Montblanc Summit 2+, featuring a stainless steel case, a leather strap, and an eSIM function.

54. Magnetic Productivity Smartphone Mounts

These products are mounts for smartphones that utilize magnets to attach them to various surfaces, offering better convenience and productivity.

For instance, the MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet has a wireless charging function, a foldable stand, and a card holder.

Similarly, the Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount Pro boasts a rotating design, cable management, and a secure grip.

55. Old School Mobile Gamer Devices

These devices can turn your smartphone into a retro gaming console, providing a fun and nostalgic experience.

Examples include the Hyperkin SmartBoy, which has a cartridge slot and physical buttons that make Android phones function like Game Boy devices, and the GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller, which equips iOS and Android phones with Nintendo Switch-like joysticks and triggers.

56. Palm-sized Portable Amps

These amps are ideal for musicians who need equipment that is both compact and powerful enough for travel.

Examples include the NUX Mighty Plug, which can be connected to electric guitars and basses to provide a variety of effects and models, as well as the VOX SDC-1 mini, which is a mini electric guitar with a built-in amp and speaker.

57. Powered Canine Training Systems

These are technological systems designed to train dogs using positive reinforcement and equipped with advanced features and sensors.

For example, the Go Dogo can engage dogs in games and dispense treats through a camera and TV screen, while the PupPod Rocker with Feeder challenges dogs with puzzles and sounds using a feeder and a rocking toy.

58. Productivity-Supporting Smartphone Models

These smartphones offer features and functions that enhance productivity and efficiency, such as multitasking, stylus support, or keyboard attachment.

Two examples are the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which boasts a 6.9-inch screen, an S Pen stylus, and a DeX mode that enables connection to a monitor, and the LG Wing, which features a swiveling screen that creates a T-shaped dual display.

59. Pro-Grade Gaming Consoles

These gaming consoles offer a top-notch gaming experience with advanced features and high performance.

For instance, the Sony PlayStation 5 comes with a custom SSD, a 4K Blu-ray drive, and a DualSense controller featuring adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

The Microsoft Xbox Series X also has a custom SSD, a 4K Blu-ray drive, and a Smart Delivery feature that optimizes games for various devices.

60. Quad-Mode Laptop Models

These laptops offer four modes of operation including laptop, tablet, tent, or stand, which makes them more versatile and convenient.

Examples of such laptops are Lenovo Yoga 9i that comes with a leather cover, a garaged stylus, and a 360-degree hinge, and HP Elite Dragonfly Max that features a 360-degree hinge, a Sure View privacy screen, and a 5MP webcam.

61. Realistic Looking Game Weapon Controllers

These game controllers look like they came off the set of Total Recall or something.

I would get my ass to Mars with one of these.

Tom Man Design’s game weapon controllers are a prime example of the escalating preference for gaming peripherals with lifelike appearances.

He has crafted what he calls the ViR controller, an ergonomically-designed peripheral specifically for VR gamers to enhance their immersion.

The ultra-modern construction provides realistic feedback when utilized, making it feel like a real weapon in the hand without sacrificing its practical design for use.

62. Refined Gamer Laptop Models

These laptops are designed to be both stylish and powerful, making them a great choice for gamers who value both aesthetics and performance.

The Razer Blade 15 Advanced, for example, boasts a CNC aluminum chassis, a 300Hz display, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, while the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 features a magnesium-alloy chassis, AniMe Matrix LED display, and an AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS CPU.

63. Relaxing Brain-Stimulating Headsets

These are special headsets that use electrical pulses or sounds to stimulate the brain, helping to induce relaxation or improve focus.

Some popular examples include the Halo Sport 2, which can enhance motor skills and learning through its neuropriming technology, and the NuCalm, which uses biosignal processing technology to reduce stress and improve quality of sleep.

64. Responsive Travel Map Apps (Interactive)

There are apps available that allow travelers to create customized maps with interactive features and sensors.

Examples include Google Maps Go Tab, which displays live traffic, transit, and nearby locations with just a swipe, and Wanderlog, which can help plan trips, track costs, and share recommendations with others.

65. Sci-Fi Themed Tech Accessories

These are technology accessories with a science fiction theme or inspiration, like Star Wars, Star Trek, or Marvel.

They include items such as the Mandalorian Wireless Charger, which charges smartphones with a magnetic alignment and features a Grogu animation, and the Star Trek: Discovery Phaser Remote Control, which can control televisions and other devices using gestures and sound effects.

66. Screen-Projecting AR Glasses

The Rokid Max AR glasses are paving the way for screen-projecting augmented reality (AR).

These glasses project a colossal 215-inch virtual display leveraging AR technology.

With these groundbreaking eyewear solutions, you can now have an immersive experience like never before.

The ‘Rokid Max’ AR glasses are outfitted with two Sony Full HD micro-OLED panels, offering a 120 Hz refresh rate that gives you the smoothest image possible.

I could see myself styling one of these.

For more information, check out our Rokid MAX AR glasses review.

67. Sculptural Scrolling Photo Frames

These are frames that can display digital photos in a scrolling way to create a dynamic and sculptural effect.

The Atmoph Window 2 is one example, capable of showing 4K videos of different landscapes with sound.

Another option is the Aura Carver, which can display high-definition photos that seem 3D with the help of AI.

68. Sleek Modern Record Players

These are record players with both modern design and high-quality sound and features.

Examples include the Crosley Revolution CR6020A, which is portable and has a USB port and headphone jack, and the Sony PS-LX310BT, which has an elegant design, Bluetooth connection, and auto-play function.

69. Slim Military-Grade Laptops

These are laptops that are both slim and lightweight while also meeting military-grade durability and reliability standards.

Two examples include the Dell Latitude 7320 Detachable, which has a 13-inch detachable screen and an infrared camera, and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano, which has a 13-inch screen and a Dolby Atmos speaker system. Both laptops are also MIL-STD-810 certified.

70. Smartphone Professional Lighting

These devices are called smartphone attachable lights and they offer high-quality lighting for taking photos or videos.

Some examples include the Lume Cube 2.0 which has a 1.5-inch LED light, Bluetooth connectivity, and is waterproof, and the Profoto C1 Plus which has a circular LED light, a magnetic mount, and a smart exposure feature.

71. Smartphones With Professional Camera Systems

Smartphones nowadays come equipped with advanced camera systems that enable users to capture top-quality photos and videos.

They come with a range of features such as optical zoom, night mode, and 8K resolution.

Popular examples of such smartphones include the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which boasts a quad rear camera with a 108MP primary sensor, a 10x optical zoom, and an 8K video recording capability, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which features a triple rear camera comprising a 12MP main sensor, a 2.5x optical zoom, and Dolby Vision HDR video recording.

72. Solar-Powered Head Gear

The future of music just got a whole lot brighter (literally) thanks to the new Adidas Solar Powered Headphones – RPT-02 SOL.

These sustainable headphones not only look cool but are powered by natural and artificial light.

Plus, they’re made from 87% recycled plastics and have a unique PowerfoyleTM light cell material that can harvest energy from light.

Time to catch some rays and zone out.

73. Spatial Sound Speaker Launches

These are speakers that produce spatial sound, simulating sound originating from various directions and distances for a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

Examples include the Apple HomePod mini, featuring a 360-degree sound field, computational audio, and intercom capabilities, and the Sony SRS-RA5000, with seven drivers, sound calibration functionalities, and 360 Reality Audio technology.

74. Specialized Devices for Social Media Usage

These devices are specifically created for the use of social media.

They come with features like filters, stickers, and live streaming that allow users to create, edit, or share content.

Examples of such devices include the Snapchat Spectacles 3, which are sunglasses that can capture 3D photos and videos with their dual HD cameras, and the Facebook Portal TV, which is a device that can connect to TVs.

It enables video calls and watch parties with its smart camera and microphone.

75. Storytelling Robotic Runways

These are runways, equipped with robotics, used to showcase fashion collections in an innovative way by utilizing movement, lighting, and sound effects.

For instance, the robotic Anrealage AW20 runway can modify the shape and color of garments via its mechanical arms and LED lights.

Similarly, the Balenciaga FW21 runway is equipped with robotics and a rotating platform, along with a projection screen, to create distinct scenarios and moods.

76. Strabismus-Correcting Headsets

These are special headsets designed to alleviate strabismus, a condition characterized by misaligned eyes resulting in double vision or weak depth perception.

Two examples of these headsets are the Vivid Vision, which uses virtual reality games to improve eye coordination, and the AmblyoPlay, which uses binocular vision therapy to boost eye alignment and coordination.

77. Taco-Shaped Translation Devices

Translation devices with a taco-shaped design are available, which can easily fit in the palm and provide instant and accurate translation.

Two popular examples are Langogo Genesis, capable of translating 105 languages with its dual noise-canceling microphones and eSIM technology, and Pocketalk S, which can translate 82 languages with its dual speakers and camera.

78. Ten-In-One Tech Chargers

These chargers have the capacity to charge multiple devices at once through various ports and cables.

For instance, the Zendure SuperTank Pro comes with four USB-C ports, 100W output, and an OLED screen.

Another option is the HyperJuice 100W GaN Charger, which features four USB-C ports, 100W output, and a plug that can be folded.

79. Theater-Like Home Projectors

These projectors are designed to provide a movie theater-like experience in your home, with features like large screen size, high resolution, and surround sound.

The LG CineBeam HU810P, for example, can accommodate screens up to 300 inches, supports 4K resolution and HDR10, and adjusts its brightness and color based on the ambient light.

The Anker Nebula Cosmos Max can project up to 150 inches, supports 4K resolution and Dolby Digital Plus, and has a built-in Android TV system.

80. Textural Timer-Made Keyboards

These keyboards have a unique design that incorporates texture and timers to provide users with both tactile and visual feedback while typing.

Two examples of such keyboards are the Nuphy NuType F1, a wireless mechanical keyboard with a slim and colorful design that can be connected to laptops or tablets, and the Qwerkywriter S, a wireless mechanical keyboard that features round keys and a metal return bar, resembling a typewriter.

81. Themed Gaming Console Bundles

These bundles are gaming consoles with a design or content inspired by popular games or franchises.

For instance, the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition features Animal Crossing icons on its pastel-colored console and dock.

Similarly, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Cyberpunk 2077 Edition has Cyberpunk logos on its yellow-and-black console and controller.

82. Trackable Magnetic Smartphone Wallets

Some examples of smartphone wallets are the Ekster MagSafe Card Holder and the Chipolo Card.

These wallets have a magnetic attachment and a trackable feature, providing both convenience and security.

The Ekster wallet is a leather wallet that can attach to iPhones with MagSafe and has a solar-powered tracker card that can locate the wallet through voice or app.

On the other hand, the Chipolo wallet has a thin design to attach to any smartphone with a magnetic sticker and a Bluetooth tracker that can locate the wallet on a map or ring it.

83. Translucent Retro Gamepads

Alright, this one is a bit of a throw-back but I had to throw it in here for nostalgia.

8BitDo has released two new colorways for its popular SN30 Pro SE retro-style controller – transparent shells in atomic purple and deep green.

The SN30 Pro SE is designed to resemble an original SNES gamepad, but it has two additional joysticks and L2/R2 buttons for modern games.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and the Steam Deck and gets frequent firmware updates.

The atomic purple colorway pays homage to the GameBoy Color console.

As a PC and console gamer with big hands, I find this controller surprisingly comfortable.

The SN30 Pro SE colorways are available on Amazon or directly from 8BitDo.

84. Transparent Aluminum Smartphones

Antonio De Rosa’s iPhone 14 Ultra design is a vision of the Apple device in the near future.

Not only does its titanium build pay respect to the classic 3G, but it also offers advanced comfort when held for extended periods thanks to its ergonomic shape.

To top it all off, this concept phone features four cameras on the back and an undisturbed full-screen display on the front – no notches or distractions.

I like the look of these: simple, practical and effective.

85. Triple-Display Laptop Accessory

Oh man, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wished I had more displays while working, surfing and/or gaming on my laptop.

This is something that gets put to use.

The Monduo 16 Pro Duo is a slim yet feature-laden accessory that can be attached to any MacBook Pro 16-inch or other similar-sized laptops.

You can turn a laptop into a multi-screen workstation with two additional displays on either side.

86. Triple-Laser Projectors in 4k Rez

These projectors use three lasers to create high-quality and vivid color 4K resolution images.

Examples include the Samsung Premiere LSP9T, which supports HDR10+ and Filmmaker Mode, has a built-in soundbar and can project up to 130 inches and the LG HU810P, which supports HDR10 and HLG, has an adaptive picture pro feature that can adjust brightness and color based on ambient light, and can project up to 300 inches.

87. Value Shower Speakers

These low-priced shower speakers have high performance, providing good quality and value.

Examples include the SoundBot SB510, which features a water-resistant design, suction cup, and built-in microphone, and the VicTsing SoundHot C6, which also has a water-resistant design, detachable hook, and a 6-hour battery life.

88. Virtual Golf Training Devices

Golf training devices utilize virtual reality or sensors to enhance golfers’ skills and techniques.

These include the Phigolf WGT Edition, a smartphone app, and sensor-attached club that simulate golf courses and swings.

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, on the other hand, uses a radar device and smartphone app to measure and analyze golf shots.

89. Water Purifiers Powered By Light

These are water purifiers that use UV-C LED light to kill bacteria and viruses and provide clean and safe drinking water.

Examples include the LARQ Pitcher, which can purify water in 15 minutes and features a plant-based filter to remove metals and chemicals, and the CrazyCap 2, which can purify water in 60 seconds and includes a stainless steel bottle to keep water hot or cold.

90. Wearable Hydration Monitors

Wearable Hydration Monitors are devices that can track the user’s hydration level through sensors or algorithms.

Examples include the LVL, a wristband that measures hydration, heart rate, and sleep quality using near-infrared light sensors, and the HidrateSpark STEEL, a smart water bottle that monitors water intake and hydration goals through a sensor and app.

91. Wireless Drone Control Headsets

The DJI Goggles Integra allows you to immerse yourself in an intimate experience that is unhindered by cables.

This headset provides crystal-clear visuals, thanks to the 0.5-inch micro OLED displays with a 44-degree field of view and 100Hz refresh rate for up to 100 nits of brightness.

You can stay right at the heart of every action captured by your DJI Avata’s camera as it streams a real-time feed directly into your headgear like never before.

I thought this looked wicked cool.

DJI Goggles Integra & RC Motion 2: A More Immersive Experience!

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